Courtyard of Santa Croce - Florence, Italy #pictapgo_app (at Piazza Santa Croce)

Had a delicious panino with this view today. This garden is magical! Firenze, Italia #pictapgo_app (at Giardini di Villa Bardini)

Today’s visit to Firenze was a pleasant surprise on a different level. I met couple of wonderful friends through my friend Debra @pictage and they shared parts of Firenze that I would have never had a chance to experience on my own. Thank you Manuela & Daniela for an unforgettable experience. But above all else I am greatful that I got to meet you two today. I will share more photos later. But for now, I’m about to share a wonderful dinner inside a medieval castle with friend of @maxbrunelli & @cristianasitaly #pictapgo_app (at Giardini di Villa Bardini)

Looking forward to my day trip to Firenze today. Can’t wait to explore this city and share some photos. You can join me this summer (July 22-29) if you want to explore Florence and other amazing locations around Tuscany followed by a wedding photoshoot at one of the oldest wineries in Italy! You will also get a chance to meet the princess who is a direct descendent of Mona Lisa & Winston Churchill (sounds like a page out of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code right?) For more info, visit:

Spritz - One of my favorite afternoon drinks! I get this in Italy all the time. Enjoying happy hour at Villa Marsili who always put together a delightful array of small treats before dinner. (at Cortona Tuscany Italy - Hotel Villa Marsili)

Piazza di Pescheria - Cortona, Italy #pictapgo_app (at Ristorante La Loggetta)

Here is another photo from yesterday’s lifestyle session in Cortona, Italy. I can’t decide who is more happier - Gian Maria or Marie. :-) Beautiful couple regardless. #canon_camera (at Cortona)

Today was a special day in Cortona, Italy. I had the privilege of photographing an Italian lifestyle session for my good friend Gian Maria and his beautiful girlfriend Marie. We spent the afternoon walking around some of our favorite spots capturing their special moments. If you remember from my precious post, Gian Maria is a director of an art gallery called Galleria Nazionale near the center of the town. If you visit here, it is a must stop to see a collection of so many beautiful artwork.

We captured many amazing moments of them in love. I cannot wait to share more of them with you. For now here is a sneak peek. Enjoy! (at Cortona)

I love the morning time in Cortona it’s when only the locals are out and are getting ready for anther full day. People watching at its finest. #pictapgo_app (at Banchelli pasticceria)

Good morning sun! Another beautiful day ahead in Cortona. This apartment has a bella vista. Time for another full day ahead. Andiamo! #Snapseed (at Villa Marsili)