When in Hawaii gotta have at least a couple of these! (at Island Snow Shave Ice)

"Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world." Frank Lloyd Wright. Lake Point Tower - located in Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, it is the only skyscraper in downtown east of Lake Shore Drive. #pictapgo_app #funfact (at Lake Point Tower - Chicago Condos with Spectacular Views)

Enjoyed this stuffed lobster shu mai dumplings @ Lucky Belly in Honolulu, HI with Diane & Brad. Good times! (at Lucky Belly)

My first Instagram post using my new iPhone 6 Plus! View of Hanauma Bay from the top of Koko Head Trail.

Also stay tuned as I will be announcing the next PhotoVenture to Ireland for Spring of 2015! #pictapgo_app (at Top Of Koko Head Trail)

Here’s a sneak peek of a photoshoot I did in Hawaii with former AE model @emilybethbeacham - she definitely brought her A game to the shoot. Props to her husband @matt_beacham for assisting me with the light reflector during the shoot. ;-)

Smoke On The Water~ da, da, dah, da, da, dah, da…🎸🎶 - sunrise at Waikiki Beach #pictapgo_app (at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii)

Just add Corona. Kualoa Beach, HI #pictapgo_app #findyourbeach (at Kualoa Regional Park)

Kualoa Valley - where many famous films and shows like Jurassic Park, Lost, Godzilla & more were filmed. It is magical when covered in fog and mist. Kualoa, Hawaii #pictapgo_app (at Kualoa Regional Park)

Aloha! (at Lanikai Beach Front)

Enjoying another beautiful sunset in Hawaii Kai. Aloha! #pictapgo_app (at Hawaii Kai Beach)