Never have I feared and admired the majestic powers of the ocean at the same time until I visited here. The Dingle Peninsula is such a beautiful western coast of Ireland that is often missed by tourists because of the neighboring peninsula in the Ring of Kerry. #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini

The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland - the fog & mist only makes it more magical. #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini

Point Break - Ireland version.

Never thought I’d get to see people surfing here during this trip. I have to mind you that the temperature is about 55-60 degrees and probably colder with wind chill. Yet these Irish folks enjoy spending time in the water.

Inch Beach, Beara Peninsula, Ireland is one of my favorite / unique beaches. #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini (at Sammy’s Cafe Inch Beach)

Healy Pass, Beara Peninsula, Ireland #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini

Dunguaire Castle in Kinvara, Ireland - 16th century and known to be the most “photographed” in Ireland. #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini

Sending prayers from Ireland for everyone in Napa Valley. Just heard from my family friend about the earthquake out there. The valley has a special place in my heart. Pictured: Napa Valley in the Fall. Hope everyone is ok! #pictapgo_app #replichrome_mini

Enjoyed this great organic salmon dish in Adare, Ireland (at Blue Door Restaurant)

Morning walk along the Salthill Beach in Galway, Ireland. It was about 55 degrees outside and there were morning swimmers out in the cold ocean water. Much respect to them.

Connemara National Park, Ireland.

I have so many photos to share from just this past three days here in Ireland. Were I to post one daily, I could fill up an entire calendar year. I shall resist the urge to post multiple photos daily. It is actually a good practice to not always want to post photos immediately because we get so caught up on social media that we often forget to soak in and enjoy the moment. (at Connemara)

The Quays Pub - Galway, Ireland. Loved people watching in this charming local pub. The atmosphere is lively, friends old & new strike up conversations here. Great way to spend the evening with a pint. (at The Quays)